New PS5 Images Show Size, How Stand Will Attach

New PS5 Images Show Size, How Stand Will Attach

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The PlayStation 5 is set to be an absolute behemoth, and though it isn’t as wide as the Xbox Series X, the PS5 is quite a bit taller than Microsoft’s system. Taiwan’s National Communications Commission has published several images showing the console next to rulers so you can see just how much space it’s going to take up on your shelf, assuming you managed to order one. Spoiler: It’s a lot.

The PS5 is just under 19 inches tall, and it’s about one foot wide. It’s certainly not going to take up the same space as a computer tower, but it could be too large for certain living room setups. The somewhat unwieldy shape may not help, either. All PS4 models could be placed essentially flush with a surface, which the curved PS5 can’t do.

The images show far more than just the size, however, as we also see how the system’s stand attaches to the console horizontally. It has a few hooks on one side that will latch onto the console, ensuring it doesn’t slip, and there is also a lip that it will sit up against on the stand. A USB-C to USB-A cable included in the package is fairly standard, and the power cable looks identical to the one used on the PS4 now.

Using these measurements, you’ll have an idea about how to rearrange your entertainment center before the PS5 arrives on November 12. If you need that same planning stage for the Xbox Series X, Microsoft has actually provided papercraft blueprints so you can make a fake Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S and test out where it should go. That console releases on November 10 and preorders begin September 22.

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