New Trailer For Snyder Cut Justice League Features Jared Leto’s Joker


The Zack Snyder cut of Justice League will arrive to the WarnerMedia streaming service HBO Max on March 18. A new trailer has been released for the four-hour-long movie on Valentine’s Day that gives more insight into the upcoming movie.

The latest trailer for the film shows off a lot of new footage for the recut of the Justice League movie. If you wanted more Knightmare Batman, you got it. If you wanted Black Suit Superman, you got it. If you wanted some more Darkseid or Joker in your life–or any at all–you got it. Almost everything in the new trailer seems like completely new footage. Check it out below.

The Joker appears in the final moments of the trailer, a character who was left out entirely of the original cut. However, it appears in what looks to be the Knightmare Batman future. So Jared Leto’s slicked-back hair and grilled-out mouth aren’t showcased. Instead, we see Leto’s Joker with long hair, in a SWAT team vest, with mouth makeup that is a little reminiscent of Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight. Leto’s new Joker take has already been teased once, and more recently, Vanity Fair showcased some non-blurry images of Leto’s Joker.

Originally released in 2017 as a two-hour movie, Justice League was met with mixed reviews. Snyder was the original director but was replaced by Joss Whedon after a family tragedy. After the original release of the movie, Snyder returned and did some reshoots–enough to double the length of the movie.

Snyder has revealed quite a bit about his supercut of the movie. Jared Leto is returning as the Joker and has a brand-new look, compared to his appearance in Suicide Squad. Additionally, there will be more Knightmare Batman–a moment that didn’t play out in the theatrical version of the movie.

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