New Trailers: “Glitch in the Matrix,” “Pixie”

New Trailers: “Glitch in the Matrix,” “Pixie”

by Sue Jones
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New Trailers Glitch In The Matrix Pixie

A couple of trailers today starting with the documentary “A Glitch in the Matrix” which recently scored highly at the Sundance Film Festival.

The film explores the subject of simulation theory, a long-held theory that reality is not what it seems and that we are all potentially living in a simulation. The film explores the implications and real-life ramifications that come from that.

Rodney Ascher, who helmed the celebrated doco “Room 237” about the fandom surrounding “The Shining,” directs the film which is already in theaters and available for digital rental at Amazon and Vudu.

Next up comes “Pixie,” an Irish crime caper starring Olivia Cooke as the titular young woman who seeks to avenge the death of her mother.

She plans a heist with two would-be criminals (Ben Hardy and Daryl McCormack), while a faith-based crime syndicate Irish priest also get involved. Alec Baldwin and Colm Meaney co-star in the film directed by Barnaby Thompson and written by Preston Thompson.

“Pixie” arrives in cinemas, digital, and on-demand on March 5th.

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