Nintendo Switch OLED took 3,600 hours to experience display burn-in

Nintendo Switch OLED took 3,600 hours to experience display burn-in

by Lily White
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The Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) is notable for offering a crisper screen than the standard LCD model of the console-handheld hybrid.

Now, however, we’re seeing that the Switch OLED’s display is rather durable. Right after the system’s launch last October, YouTuber Bob “WulffDen” Wulff took it upon himself to see how long the OLED’s screen could go before experiencing burn-in. As it turns out, 3,600 hours — or, in other words, a full five months.

What’s particularly notable is that these results came after leaving his Switch OLED on nearly consistently on an image from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for that the full testing period. Wulff also set up a third-party Joy-Con with rapid-fire functionality to circumvent the Switch’s automatic screen turn-off after five minutes of inactivity.

It was then only after the 3,600-hour mark that he began to notice small “ghosting” images on the screen. Of course, the average user isn’t going to use their own Switch OLED model for such prolonged periods, but regardless, it’s impressive to see the screen prove to be so long-lasting.

Wulff says he plans to continue testing the Switch OLED’s screen capabilities to see how long it takes to get the system into “an unplayable state.”

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