Nutritionist reveals how to make four-ingredient Nutella cookies in minutes


Looking for a healthier snack which is easy to prepare?

This cookie recipe uses just four ingredients – banana, Nutella, rice or oat flour and chopped hazelnuts – and it takes just four minutes from start to finish.

Nutritionist Ange, from the Healthy Diary, posted the recipe on Instagram.

It makes just one giant cookie so perfect if you’re just craving something for dessert.

Though it doesn’t contain extra eggs or dairy, Nutella does so if you are vegan, you can make it with a plant-based alternative.

To make the cookie, you need half a banana, a tablespoon of Nutella spread (around 20g), three tablespoons of rice or oat flour and 5g of chopped hazelnuts.

Mash the banana in a bowl with the Nutella and flour.

Then roll it into a ball shape, before flattening it out so that it looks like a cookie.

To cook it, just pop it into the microwave for 90 seconds.

Ange said: ‘Waaaa this cookie is next level!! Huuuge and delicious! Make this cookie your new go-to sweet treat.’

Others commented about how excited they were to try it.

One wrote: ‘YUMMM this looks dreamy!’

‘Sooooo easy wow,’ another said.

Someone else said: ‘Checking kitchen for ingredients. Can I call this breakfast?’

If you’re more of a Biscoff fan, we revealed last week how to make cookies with just the spread and flour.

Andrea Soranidis, aka The Petite Cook, mixes the two together in a bowl to form a dough and bakes it to get the sweet treats.


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