Official mention of Pixel 6a came from… a Google colouring book


Google has officially mentioned the unannounced Pixel 6a in, of all places, one of its colouring books.

As spotted by DroidLife, the colouring book was shared in the Pixel Superfans group, which receives Pixel-related insider access, freebies and more.

In the group, one Superfan shared that they got a Nest Audio and colouring book featuring various Google product illustrations. What’s interesting, however, is that Page 16 of the book mentions “the Pixel 6a” among the products listed on the pages. When you go through the actual book, though, the Pixel 6a isn’t actually anywhere to be seen.

Ultimately, while it doesn’t actually reveal anything about a phone that was already all but confirmed to be coming, it’s nonetheless an amusing gaffe on Google’s part. As it stands, the Pixel 6a is expected to be a more affordable entry in the Pixel 6 family that sports the company’s proprietary Tensor chip and an inferior camera to its counterparts. It’s also tipped to release in May.

Via: Android Police

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