Oil Painting Lessons For Beginners And Oil Painting Enthusiasts


Oil painting lessons are important. They are important for anyone who wants to begin painting and with the right amount of time and patience, he will be most able to adapt a set of techniques and skills that will make him the artist he wants to be.

It is important for anyone to have a definite medium to be able to express his thoughts, ideas, and emotions. For some it is done through literature; poetry and prose, and music: instruments and songs. Some express themselves by painting, whether it be oil, watercolor, charcoal, or other. For this kind of painting, there are different techniques and styles that you need to learn in order to start painting.

Oil Painting

What is it? It is a kind of art wherein the medium used is a set of oil paints. It can be done on a regular canvas and it can also be done on any painting surface that one comes up with. For beginners, the usual starting point of oil painting is the canvas. Via the canvas, they can practice the many painting techniques and skills that they learn and come up with their own style.

Materials and Canvases

There is a need for materials and canvases that you will use all through your oil painting. You will need your paintbrushes, palette, palette knives, oil paints, and canvases. It is important that you get materials that you are most comfortable with and by which you can express paint with.

Oil Painting Styles And Techniques

There are different styles and techniques that you will need to learn. It is important that you gain knowledge of a competent of these in order to incorporate them into your own painting so that you can improve your own techniques and be able to present your artwork in a way that you most want to.

Glazing is one of the techniques wherein layers of paint are placed into the canvas in order to draw out a new color. A first layer is placed, left to dry for several minutes, and then the second layer of an entirely different hue is placed. You do these up until you get the very color you wish to have.

Imasto is another technique wherein heavy strokes of paint are placed on the canvas where the goal is to make the brush strokes visible in the painting.

Toning down a canvas is usually done especially for canvases that look too bright. It is generally done by using a paint thinner.


Oil painting is a beautiful experience. If you are someone who would want this as a means for drawing out your thoughts and emotions into a canvas, you will need to learn basic techniques and skills in order to carry out a more effective catharsis through painting.


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