Ontario’s Proof of vaccination app pushes Digital ID app to 2022


Ontario’s official Digital ID program, which was expected to be introduced sometime in Q4 of this year, has been delayed to 2022.

Reports state the government’s proof of vaccination app took up all the resources, causing the delay in the Digital ID program.

“We want to get DI right and ensure that privacy and security continue to be a top priority. More details on the launch of the DI initiative, including timing and specifics, will be announced in 2022,” said director of communications to associate minister of digital government at Ontario Ministry of Finance Amanda Brodhagen, via Global News.

The government claims that Digital IDs will provide Canadians with a greater degree of privacy than physical IDs. The Digital ID program aims to allow people to prove their identity in person without the need for physical documents, such as your license or health card, along with giving the public the ability to quickly access services online that require identification.

Image credit: Ontario.ca

Via: Global News

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