Which Parrot Bluetooth to Select?


You’ve done a little research into bluetooth kits and come to the conclusion that your probably going to choose Parrot. They have the brand name and reputation for producing good reliable products. The problem is which Parrot bluetooth kit to choose? With more than six integrated solutions on the market, which product will be the most suitable for you?

Let us help you split them down a little. Firstly they can be split into two groups the CK range and the MK range, the latter is the most recently launched. The CK Range are still the most popular bluetooth products on the market. Mainly due to the price however reliability is also a good factor especially with the CK3000.

The MK range are the newest products launched onto the market and perhaps haven’t had the time to overtake the CK range in terms of popularity just yet. The main difference between the CK & MK range is the music functionality. The MKI range have an integrated solution which is compatible with iPod & iPhone and is controllable through the Parrot remote control.

Each product in the range has a superior leading upwards in price, which offers an “upgrade” feature. For example the MKI9000 offers Bluetooth and Music, The MKI9100 offers the same functionality however with a upgrade small screen so you can see who’s calling & what music is playing. The MKI9200 offers an improved screen with more clarity & the ability to pull pictures from the phone. So you can see a face as well as the number. Being the newest products to market the MKI range are still more expensive than the CK range.

The main choice when choosing which Parrot bluetooth option to go for is to first select your range first then choose which feature’s are most desired for you. Generally speaking the Parrot CK3000 is the most popular choice.

SOURCE by Nick Janaw

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