Pencil Drawing – Know All About The Simplest Form of Drawing



Painters say if you are not good with the pencil, you do not deserve to be a painter. Here we take a look at various aspects of drawing with the pencil.

When you really are looking to great forms of art, the best form is always the simplest form. Think what you would appreciate more: a excellent drawing made with a pencil or a color painting?

Most people would say drawings are plain and simple. But when you are deciding on the merit of a drawing, drawing with a pencil is the best possible option as it is the basic of any type of painting. If you are an experienced painter then the importance of pencil drawing may well be known to you, but for the beginners it is better to go through various aspects of drawing.

What Makes Drawing With A Pencil So Famous?

Well if you thought painting and drawing is always an expensive hobby or option then think of the costs that may be associated with pencil drawing. All you need to spend on on pencils and papers to draw on, that's all. This what makes drawing with pencils a preferred option. Think of the costs involved in water color painting, fabric painting etc. You would have to buy colors, brushes, fabric etc.

Barring the cost part, the major thing that makes pencil drawing a famous concept is the ease with which you may actually draw. There is no need of prior experience for pencil drawing, you can start anytime you like. All you need to know is how to hold a pencil, and that's all you know.

Mastering The Art Is Easy!

Yes, the best part of drawing which involves pencil is its simplicity. If you are looking to master the art, all you need to do is keep practicing with a pencil and paper! Try and put new ideas on to paper. With practice many people have improved drastically and over the years there has been a huge number of people who have made it big with just the use of the pencil.

The various advantages:

Before you even think of any other type of paintings like water, oil etc. you would be required to have a good grasp of drawing incorporating the pencil as it makes the structure of any form of drawing.

For a beginner, this is the best possible option as the amount of cost involved is low.
If you always had a conception that drawings do not fetch a high amount when sold, then change the perception into a misconception. Drawing of a good quality is generally sold for huge amounts.

Made an error in the drawing? Just relax, as pencil drawing gives you the space to make small errors as they can be easily changed. So even you make a small mistake, you would not have to draw drawing as "defective drawing".

Since it is not that hard to master the pencil, all you need to do is go through some very basic features. You can simply start on any given day and if you really are looking to make it big, practice as much as possible.



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