Planet Zoo (my favourite game) is on sale for $15

Planet Zoo (my favourite game) is on sale for $15

by Lily White
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If you’re looking for a time-sucking simulation title to consume your life over the holidays, my favourite game that I’ve played in the past year is on sale for $15 on Steam.

Planet Zoo is a PC-only title that modernizes everything about cult classic game Zoo Tycoon. There’s a moderately challenging and whimsical campaign mode, and endless free-play sandboxes.

Plus, everything from the animal exhibits to the buildings, are very customizable. For example, when I was really into the Planet Zoo, I spent a full day on just a single building.

Planet Zoo Reptile House

If you like Tycoon titles or simulation games, I’d recommend Planet Zoo or its sister title, Planet Coaster, a newer take on the concept of Roller Coaster Tycoon. I know these are big shoes to fill, but the team behind the Planet games does seem to get what makes this type of simulation/tycoon game so special.

Planet Zoo — $15.44 (70 percent off)

PLanet Coaster — $15.00 (75 percent off)

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