Pokemon Go Tapu Koko Raid Guide: Best Counters, Weaknesses, Raid Hours, And More Tips

Pokemon Go Tapu Koko Raid Guide: Best Counters, Weaknesses, Raid Hours, And More Tips

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Pokemon Go’s next special five star raid is now on, and trainers may feel a rush of tropical energy as they try to catch this legendary Pokemon.

Tapu Koko, the game’s first Legendary Pokemon hailing from the Alolan region, has been named as the latest Pokemon Go five-star raid, running from now until March 15. Tapu Koko’s time as the five-star raid Pokemon comes as part of the game’s Season of Alola event introducing Pokemon Sun and Moon to the game. Tapu Koko is the first “Tapu” Pokemon to be introduced to Pokemon Go, with Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini, and Tapu Lele still to come. However, any chance to add a rare Pokemon like this is worth it, so if you’re going to challenge the raid check out our tips below.


Tapu Koko Raid Schedule

Tapu Koko enters the five-star Raid ring starting March 1 at 10 AM local time, remaining there until 8 PM on March 15. Unfortunately the game does not follow any set schedules with its raid–there’s no guarantee Tapu Koko will be waiting for you–but the game constantly tells you who’s around to raid, so just keep an eye out.

There is one hope for those who need a Regirock appearance though: Pokemon Go’s weekly Raid Hour on Wednesday night. The Raid Hour event for the next two weeks–March 2 and March 9 from 6 PM to 7 PM local time–will feature the Land Spirit Pokemon at nearly every Gym in the game. If you want a guaranteed shot at Tapu Koko, gather your friends and head out after dinner Wednesday night.

Tapu Koko Weaknesses And Counters

Tapu Koko is an Electric- and Fairy-type Pokemon, a unique dual typing it shares only with Dedenne from the Kalos region. The resistances of the two separate types cancel out most of their weaknesses, but there are two types that will deal extra damage to Tapu Koko: Ground-type and Poison-type.

Landorus, Garchomp, and Excadrill will be huge assets going into a Tapu Koko raid, with moves like Earthquake and Earth Power dealing massive damage. Groudon is also a terrific option if you have the Hoenn Legendary in your arsenal. If you’d rather pick a Poison-type, Roserade’s dual Grass/Poison-type will not only give you Poison-type attack options, but Grass-type resists Electric moves, offering an extra defensive option. Mega Venusaur–this month’s Mega Raid–would also work well here.

Types To Avoid

The Electric- and Fairy-type Tapu Koko has built-in resistances to six different types of Pokemon, all of which you should avoid bringing to the raid. Dragon-types are the most affected, as Tapu Koko has double resistance to Dragon moves through its Fairy typing. Bug-, Dark-, and Fighting-type moves are also resisted by Tapu Koko’s Fairy side, while Electric- and Flying-type moves are resisted by its Electric typing.

Once you’ve captured the Land Spirit Pokemon for yourself, take it for a few rounds in the Go Battle League while you get ready for the next Community Day featuring Sandshrew.

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