Power wants fights off the track, no “wankers” on the track


In a good-humored press conference following the only practice session ahead of this week’s double-header Detroit Grand Prix, Power, Pato O’Ward and Alexander Rossi dealt with some serious subjects.

However, it dissolved into a discussion about dealing with “wankers”, the new SRX series, and the possibility of IndyCar drivers fighting with NASCAR drivers.

Power led a Chevrolet 1-2-3 in practice, the Team Penske driver ending up just ahead of Sebastien Bourdais and O’Ward. Asked if the Bowtie brand had made a step forward on a track at which – ironically, given this is where GM has its headquarters – it traditionally struggles, Power replied: “Yeah, engine hasn’t changed very much.

“Although, yeah, something did change in the middle of ’19 after we’d been here last time. Maybe it is slightly better. The car for me is in a good window, as well. Engine is fantastic. Chevy’s track, man.”

O’Ward agreed, “So far it’s been good. We wait for qualifying.”

Asked if he was hiding the capability of his Andretti Autosport-Honda, Rossi replied: “Sure, I guess we’ll see.”

“Yes, he is. He’s always hiding something,” interjected Power. “Sneaky guy, man.”

Reflecting on his poor Month of May, Power said: “Indy was a massive disappointment. I was a little bit down for a few days. Certainly got back in training. Very determined this weekend to get back on track.

“This is kind of the halfway point. If I’m not moving forward here, it just makes it impossible to have a shot at being a championship contender at the end of the year.

“It’s not a big deal, man. I just want to get out there, be running at the front, have a shot to win. I can’t stand the last few races running back there, getting stuck behind wankers that shouldn’t be even out there. I want to get up the front, man.”

When quizzed about who held him up in practice in Detroit, he said: “There was one wanker out there this time that held me up. Lucky I didn’t see him when I got out of the car.”

“That was me!” said O’Ward.

“It wasn’t you. It was another driver. Just kept backing everyone up. If you could punch someone through the side of the car… This dude, How many times you want to back up?! You eventually have to do a lap time.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get him. Not on the track. I don’t get people on the track. I’ll get him off the track.

“Lift up his visor,” said O’Ward.

“Piss in his bus or something?” asked Rossi.

“No,” said Power. “It’s how we do stuff in Toowoomba. Look it up on YouTube.”

The drivers were asked by Associated Press if they’d be watching the new SRX series, and Rossi said “Hell, yeah. Let’s go, Marco! He got boned on the draw, though. He drew last.”

Asked what he wanted to see from it, Rossi responded: “Fights! Fights, yeah.”

Power agreed, saying: “ All the stuff people watch racing for – nothing to do with the technicality. All the training you do, take someone out, crash and fight. For crying out loud. I just think it would be awesome if we had fights afterwards, no?”

He went on: “I would be down to fight after races. I think it would be awesome. I’ve been watching really with interest these celebrities, YouTube celebrities, fighting people. Man, I got to get in on this…

“A couple of drivers, one IndyCar driver should do it with a NASCAR driver. I’d put my hand up for the IndyCar driver, to be the one.

“I wouldn’t do it,” said O’Ward, despite being a keen boxer.

Rossi: “Who do you want to fight in NASCAR?”

Power: “I don’t know. One of them. Kyle Busch maybe. I don’t know.

Rossi: “That’s the wrong choice.”

Power: “Probably wouldn’t go for Harvick because I think he can fight pretty well.”

O’Ward: “Larson. I think he’s around our size.

Power: Find someone of your weight.”

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