PS5 price: What Sony’s new console really costs you

PS5 price: What Sony’s new console really costs you

by Lily White
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Conventional wisdom holds that the PlayStation 5 is priced at $400 or $500, depending upon which model you purchase. The “standard” PS5 with the Blu-Ray drive sells for $500, and there’s a nearly identical digital-only version that lacks an optical drive and sells for a more modest $400 (though even that pales in comparison to the downright thrifty $300 Xbox Series S). But it’s hard to make that argument when the PS5 has been sold out for three months at those prices, and the only real marketplace for the console routinely sees prices two or three times higher. 

Resellers across the internet have been snapping up Sony’s next-gen console using bots that can complete transactions far faster than any human. Some retailers have started to crack down on these reseller bots, but they remain a menace and have prevented many people from getting consoles at launch and during subsequent retailer restocks. Regardless, these consoles are being resold at a premium. Right now on eBay, for example, it’s possible to find the PS5 bundled with one or two accessories selling for as little as $650 or as much as $1,500. 



We’ve been dispensing the same advice for months now: No console, not even the PS5, is worth spending hundreds over retail. That’s especially true with so little content available that’s specifically optimized for the PS5. We suggest that you keep playing your PS4 for a few more months until a meaningful amount of inventory arrives at retailers later this year. 

In the meantime, PS5 restocks do in fact happen, and gamers with fast reaction times have managed to snag a console. We are keeping an eye on inventory drops and let you know when one is imminent — be sure to check out our PS5 restock status article for more details. Below, you can find a list of all the major retailers (and a couple of reputable resellers) to help you get your own console. 

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Retailers restocking the PS5

Best Buy is selling the PS5 with Blu-ray for $500. You can also get the $400 Digital Edition (which you can find by clicking the button below).

Target offers the PS5 with Blu-ray for $500 in addition to the PS5 Digital Edition for $400, which you can find by clicking the button below.

To be clear, we recommend waiting for inventory to appear at retail. But if you need a PS5 right now, we haven’t seen one on eBay for under $650. The average price on eBay appears to be about $800. 

If you’ve decided you’re willing to pay hundreds over list price to get a console now, you might want to check out StockX. Right now, it appears that $700 is the least you can spend on a PS5, and prices go substantially higher. 

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