Publisher’s Platform: FDA investigating at least 3 salad outbreaks linked to E. coli or Listeria

Publisher’s Platform: FDA investigating at least 3 salad outbreaks linked to E. coli or Listeria

by Sue Jones
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Well the bad news about outbreaks linked to leafy greens is spilling over from  2021 to 2022. The more things change, the more things stay the same.

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Outbreaks associated with lettuce, specifically the “pre-washed” and “ready-to-eat” varieties, are by no means a new phenomenon. In fact, the frequency with which this country’s fresh produce consuming public has been hit by outbreaks of pathogenic bacteria is astonishing.

Here is just a sample of outbreaks based on information gathered by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Kansas State University and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

July 1995Lettuce (leafy green; red; romaine)E. coli O157:H7741: MT
Sept. 1995Lettuce (romaine)E. coli O157:H7201: ID
Sept. 1995Lettuce (iceberg)E. coli O157:H7301: ME
Oct. 1995Lettuce (iceberg; unconfirmed)E. coli O157:H7111: OH
May-June 1996Lettuce (mesclun; red leaf)E. coli O157:H7613: CT, IL, NY
May 1998SaladE. coli O157:H721: CA
Feb.-Mar. 1999Lettuce (iceberg)E. coli O157:H7721: NE
Oct. 1999SaladE. coli O157:H7923: OR, PA, OH
Oct. 2000LettuceE. coli O157:H761: IN
Nov. 2001LettuceE. coli O157:H7201: TX
July-Aug. 2002Lettuce (romaine)E. coli O157:H7292: WA, ID
Nov. 2002LettuceE. coli O157:H7131: Il
Dec. 2002LettuceE. coli O157:H731: MN
Oct. 2003-May 2004Lettuce (mixed salad)E. coli O157:H7571: CA
Apr. 2004SpinachE. coli O157:H7161: CA
Nov. 2004LettuceE. coli O157:H761: NJ
Sept. 2005Lettuce (romaine)E. coli O157:H7323:MN, WI, OR
Sept. 2006Spinach (baby)E. coli O157:H7 and other serotypes205Multistate and Canada
Nov./Dec. 2006LettuceE. coli O157:H7714: NY, NJ, PA, DE
Nov./Dec. 2006LettuceE. coli O157:H7813: IA, MN, WI
July 2007LettuceE. coli O157:H7261: AL
May 2008RomaineE. coli O157:H791: WA
Oct. 2008LettuceE. coli O157:H759Multistate and Canada
Nov. 2008LettuceE. coli O157:H7130Canada
Sept. 2009Lettuce: Romaine or IcebergE. coli O157:H729Multistate
Sept. 2009LettuceE. coli O157:H710Multistate
April 2010RomaineE. coli O145335: MI, NY, OH, PA, TN
Oct. 2011RomaineE. coli O157:H760Multistate
April 2012RomaineE. coli O157:H728

1: CA


June 2012RomaineE. coli O157:H752Multistate
Sept. 2012RomaineE. coli O157:H791: PA
Oct. 2012Spinach and Spring Mix BlendE. coli O157:H733Multistate
Apr. 2013Leafy GreensE. coli O157:H714Multistate
Aug. 2013Leafy GreensE. coli O157:H7151: PA
Oct. 2013Ready-To-Eat SaladsE. coli O157:H733Multistate
Apr. 2014RomaineE. coli O12641:MN
Apr. 2015Leafy GreensE. coli O14573: MD, SC, VA
June 2016Mesclun MixE. coli O157:H7113: IL, MI, WI
Jan. 2016Mixed GreensListeria19Multistate
Nov. 2017Leafy GreensE. coli O157:H767Multistate and Canada
Mar. 2018RomaineE. coli O157:H7240Multistate and Canada
Oct. 2018RomaineE. coli O157:H762Multistate and Canada
Nov. 2019RomaineE. coli O157:H7171Multistate and Canada
Nov. 2019Mixed GreensE. coli O157:H738Multistate and Canada
Dec. 2020Leafy GreensE. coli O157:H740Multistate
Nov. 2021Baby SpinachE. coli O157:H715Multistate
Dec. 2021Mixed GreensE. coli O157:H710Multistate
Dec. 2021Mixed GreensListeria10Multistate
Dec. 2021Mixed GreensListeria17Multistate

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