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Reasons To Knock Down Rebuild Instead Of Renovating

by Lily White
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Whether first moving into your new home or sitting back on the porch of the house you grew up in, there will be times when the home simply does not live up to your expectations. Maybe your children need their own rooms, or you have started working from home and need an office separate from the other rooms.

Renovating sounds like an excellent plan to get what you want, but there is another option that you really should consider. A knockdown rebuild can give you so much more. Find out how in the following reasons to knock down and rebuild instead of renovating.

Your Home, Your Design

You have probably lived most of your life in a place that was not optimized for you or your needs. This is a common issue when living in a home designed by someone else. Or worse yet, one that was mass-produced off a plan used for every house in the neighborhood.

If you destroy the current house and start from the ground up, you will never have to worry about working around other people’s problems. You will begin with a fresh slate. A slate that will allow you to add what you want.

  • Install a state-of-the-art kitchen.
  • Install components to make the home a smart house.
  • Create an office space to work from home in peace.
  • Make a playroom where the kids or animals can go and play without dragging toys and games throughout the house.
  • Build an extra bathroom, so you are not fighting to take a shower in the morning.

When you demolish the home and start from scratch, it will be designed the way you want it and built to cater to your needs. Don’t forget the rest of the family. They should also have a say in how things are drafted.

The sky is the limit, as long as you stay within your budget.

Save Time

If you have ever gone through a renovation, you know it can take some time to complete the job. This is because you have to take the time to work around the house and the way it was originally built. You can almost bet a year’s wage that once you get into the job, you will find more problems, which seems to be a common issue.

It has been shown that it takes less time to knock a building down and rebuild it than to remodel a section of the house. That may seem like a bold statement, but when you factor in the time it takes for both, it is more time effective to start from scratch. You get in there and build instead of figuring out how to change things to get what you want. And when you add in the different problems that you will find, it just does not make sense to remodel a section of the house when you can simply start over.

Save Money

You not only save time, but you can save a substantial amount of money. The reason for this is simple. You will have a plan in front of you, with a listing of all the materials that you will need. The price may fluctuate a little as the cost of materials increases and decreases, but the labor will cost you the same.

When you are remodeling, you pay a person to do one job, which is the remodel you want. As the job progresses and issues show themselves, the contractor will bill you for their time and any extra supplies you need. It can add up fast, and before you know it, you will have to take out another mortgage on the house just to pay for all the additions.

Contractors love to get into extensive remodels because of this. They can make a substantial amount of money with the job itself, but when you add the extras into the equation, they are smiling all the way to the bank.

Safety Risks Decrease

Remodeling a home can be a chore, especially when it is a big job. You will need to hire a professional to come in and do the job unless you plan to do the work yourself. Even then, you may have one go in and show you which walls are load-bearing and cannot be altered. These walls hold the roof up, so if you did change it, the weakened wall could essentially cave in and crush anyone underneath.

That is not even considering that once you start digging into things, your foundation may have some issues. The older the house is, the more likely you will find damage to the foundation and the framework. Some foundation problems can be fixed. Others cannot, so you might as well plan on a knockdown rebuild to smash it all to the ground so you can start with a new foundation.

One that is designed to hold the house you want. Along with a new framework that can withstand the weight of the upper sections of the home without having to stress about it collapsing on you.

Energy Conservation And Pollution Decreasing

Homes today are designed and built to reduce the amount of energy they use, reducing the footprint that your house leaves on the environment. They can be made with every material designed to reduce energy, water, heating, and cooling costs. They can be combined into a smart home design that allows you to run everything from your phone or mobile device. It truly is impressive to see what is available on the market for your home.

Doing all this work to a home that is already standing will take an entire remodel of your house if you want to do it correctly. Walls will need to come out, windows and doors replaced, insulation installed, and many other tasks that can be eliminated by knocking it down and starting over. Plus, if your home has any materials deemed dangerous today, they will be removed and replaced with new, safe materials.

Go Bigger And Better

Remodeling your home limits what you can do with it because you will still be limited by the available space. One of the best things about tearing the house to the ground and starting over is that you can design the rooms the size you want.

  • Extend the outer diameter to give yourself more floor space.
  • Built-up to give yourself more levels, which in turn gives you more rooms.
  • You can also go down, building a full basement that has been designed to be a house in itself.
  • You can build decks, patios, balconies, and anything else you want, which was impossible before.

If you can dream it, you can build it. The perimeters of the land you own will decide how wide and long you can create the new foundation. Unless your neighborhood has height restrictions, you can go up and down as far as you want without affecting any of the space that the neighbors want.

Values And Investments

You may not have considered the current value prices of your home. Unless you have looked into selling it so you can buy a bigger house elsewhere (bad idea unless you have to relocate). The investment you have in the current home is substantial. Unfortunately, as the house ages, the value goes down unless it is a historic landmark.

Building a modern home from the ground up will cost you a sizable amount up front, but in the end, the investment will be well worth it. The value of your house will go up by a substantial amount, giving you more options if you ever decide to sell. Just keep in mind that a remodel does not make the house newer. It may increase the market value of your home by a small amount, but not even close to what a new building would give you.

The market values of homes can go up and down according to supply and demand, but you can always bet that the newer the house is, the more money it will be worth. Even if you are never planning to sell, you can get more money on a loan than an older home would give you. Another factor that may be important to you is that your personal wealth will increase with the new build.

Final Thoughts Regarding Knockdown Rebuilds or Renovations

The only way that a remodel is better than a rebuild is if you only want a small change done. Such as adding a tile floor to the bathroom and kitchen rather than the basic linoleum that most houses have. If you want to add an addition that can be made into an extra bedroom, you are looking at a job that could take a long time and may not give you what you want to obtain.

Rebuilding from the ground up may seem like a heck of a job, and to be honest, it is. When you decide to make the step, you must hire a reputable general contractor, such as Dennis Family Homes. One that can give you the guidance you need, with the professionalism to get the job done the right way the first time.


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