Reedus, AMC Team On Dual Narrative Western

Reedus, AMC Team On Dual Narrative Western

by Sue Jones
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Reedus Amc Team On Dual Narrative Western

“The Walking Dead” star Norman Reedus recently signed a two-year first-look development deal with AMC Studios and now the first project has been announced – a series adaptation of AfterShock Comics’ western revenge series “Undone By Blood or the Shadow of a Wanted Man”.

51-year-old Reedus is potentially attached for one of the leading roles in the series set in the early 1970s. The action follows Ethel Grady Lane as she tries to avenge the death of her family by returning home to Sweetheart, Arizona in search of their murderer. The town’s quaint veneer hides a brewing darkness she must descent into to learn the truth.

Her only ally is the comfort of an Old West novel that follows famed gunslinger Solomon Eaton (Reedus) with that novel’s narrative unfolding simultaneously and helping Lane’s decision making process.

The comic’s co-writer Zac Thompson says: “The dual narrative structure of the story makes it perfect for the transition to television. Fans of classic Westerns will get their Sergio Leone tales of justice on the frontier. And fans of quirky Coen Brothers neo-westerns will get theirs too.”

Reedus, JoAnne Colonna and Amanda Vernon will executive produce the series.

Source: Deadline

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