“Rick and Morty” Go Live-Action In Clip

Rick And Morty Go Live Action In Clip
Adult Swim

Ahead of the fifth season finale of “Rick and Morty” this Sunday, Adult Swim has randomly dropped something a little special.

Minutes ago, the official Twitter account for the Cartoon Network programming block released a very brief clip giving us an idea of what a live-action “Rick and Morty” could look like.

The clip recruits Christopher Lloyd as Rick Sanchez and “IT” alum Jaeden Martell as his grandson Morty – or more specifically the Dimension C-132 versions from the “Rick and Morty” comic series.

As Rick has long been compared to Lloyd’s Doc Brown character from the “Back to the Future” trilogy, the choice is very fitting. No clue as yet whether this is just a preview of a longer clip or more clips featuring the duo.

C-132 #rickandmorty pic.twitter.com/oq54C9C5TW

— adult swim (@adultswim) September 3, 2021

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