Russian state agency blocks access to Twitter


Russia’s communication and mass media state regulator Roskomnadzor has blocked social media giant Twitter.

This news comes from military & intelligence correspondent at Reuters, Phil Stewart.

BREAKING – Russia has blocked Twitter, Interfax says

— Phil Stewart (@phildstewart) March 4, 2022

This past week Russia started restricting Twitter access for certain users, according to the social media company. A Reuters reporter in Moscow on Saturday said the site was slow and had difficulties sending tweets.

Following that, Russia’s Roskomnadzor said that the country had reinstated a slowdown of Twitter’s traffic on computers because of fake posts about the country’s “special operation” in Ukraine.

Earlier today, the Kremlin also passed a law threatening lengthy jail sentences for spreading “fake information” and also blocked the social media platform, Facebook.

Breaking — Russian state regulator has “taken decision” to block Facebook in Russia. Fb in Russia is weighted towards liberal Russian opinion. Alternatives VK and odnoklassniki, which cater for the masses, are under greater Kremlin control. De facto was blocked yesterday

— Oliver Carroll (@olliecarroll) March 4, 2022

The White House says that Russia’s decision to block Facebook is an effort to silence its citizens.

(Reuters) – Russia’s decision to block Facebook is part of a broader effort to choke off information to its citizens, the White House said

“We are deeply concerned about this and concerned about the threat on freedom of speech in the country,” spokesperson Jen Psaki said

— Phil Stewart (@phildstewart) March 4, 2022

Several tech giants have already restricted activity in Russia, including Microsoft, Apple, Nintendo and Google’s ad sales business. 

Source: Reuters (@phildstewart)

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