Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 will reportedly not include built-in S Pen


Hopefully, this rumour is accurate

Months away from its launch, rumours surrounding whether Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 4 will feature an S Pen are already circulating.

Galaxy Z Fold4 will not have built-in S Pen. Fold4 will be a little smaller and thinner. This is correct. No one likes a brick.

— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) April 19, 2022

According to the well-known Samsung tipster, Ice Universe, the Fold 4 will not sport a built-in S Pen. Instead, the device is tipped to be slightly smaller and thinner than last year’s model because “no one likes a brick.” While it’s true that no one likes a brick-like smartphone,  rumours regarding the device featuring S Pen support have been swirling for the last few months.

That said, we recently reported a rumour regarding the S Pen entering production, though that doesn’t necessarily confirm that the Galaxy Fold 4 will feature a built-in storage slot.

As someone who uses the Galaxy Fold 3 as their main Android device, I’d prefer a foldable handset that’s smaller/thinner and that doesn’t come with the S Pen. In my review of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, I noted that the S Pen wasn’t worth the extra cost, and I imagine I’ll hold the same opinion when the Fold 4 is revealed.

As always, approach these rumours with an air of skepticism, but I hope Ice Universe is right about this one.

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 4 is rumoured to launch sometime in August alongside the Galaxy Flip 4 and a mystery foldable device.

Source: @UniverseIce

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