Small Business Marketing on the Internet


Advertising on the internet can be very expensive for small businesses. Search engine marketing can need a lot of money and the larger firms can outdo the smaller companies in no time. How does one find a solution to this situation? Is there a more affordable way of marketing for smaller companies who do not have big budgets for advertising?

One of the major challenges of marketing your business online is being available to the user when the user needs you. Advertising on the internet serves this purpose to an amount, but there are limitations to it.

1. There is no guarantee that your customer will notice your advertisement.

2. Those who do notice the advertisement may not be your target audience.

3. Even if they are your target customers, they may not be in the frame of mind to register the message about your business.

4. Only sustained advertising which is expensive can give you a chance to be noticed by your target audience.

However, small businesses that do not have fancy budgets to spend on advertising can not afford this kind of marketing. This makes reaching the target audience even more difficult. What does one do then? Try and leakage the internet.

Challenges of advertising on the Internet:

Advertising on the internet has a lot of challenges. Some of them are:

1. It is very expensive.

2. Established internet marketing agencies that can advertise for you may not find your scale of operations or budgets lucrative.

3. There are a lot of scams and fly by night operators who earn their money at the cost of your business.

4. There are billions of websites that you are competing against and you need to get noticed among these websites.

What happens then to small businesses that are looking at getting noticed by their target audience on the internet? Search Engine Marketing can help such businesses to get noticed and grow their business. Over 60% of the people use search engines before deciding on anything.

Advantages of search engines for a business:

1. People look for your products and business when they search on the internet. If you are available to them at that time, it will help your business grow.

2. Instead of you trying to get to your customers, they try to find you.

3. It is the best time to reach your customer when he is searching for you because then he is most receptive to your message.

4. While advertising on the internet is expensive, being on the search engine and appearing among the top search results when your customer needs you need not be very expensive.

To leverage the power of search engines, for most growing businesses, it makes marketing sense to outsource SEO to a reliable and ethical SEO firm. You gain from their resident SEO expertise, results achieved last for months after the SEO effort is stopped and the biggest gain is that you are able to make search engines market your products and services.


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