Sony And Gran Turismo 7 Dev Tease Big AI News For This Week

Sony And Gran Turismo 7 Dev Tease Big AI News For This Week

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Sony AI and Polyphony Digital released a teaser for a project between them which will be revealed on February 9. The announcement is related to the Gran Turismo franchise, which Polyphony Digital is known for.

The trailer shows the Gran Turismo logo towards the end, as well as images of car engines and players with steering wheels. Late last year, both Sony AI and Polyphony partnered on a paper that explored the possibility of teaching AI how to drive cars in Grain Turismo based on visual cues. The reveal on Wednesday might be the culmination of that research. The slogan “Race Together” appears in the teaser, indicating that the pair plan to showcase some sort of breakthrough in the game’s racing AI.

Gran Turismo 7 is the latest project from Polyphony Digital and is set to launch on March 4 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Last week, Sony had a State of Play presentation featuring about 40 minutes of new gameplay and footage from Gran Turismo 7.

GameSpot also had the opportunity to check out the game. In our Gran Turismo 7 preview, Alex Goy said, “There’s lots to be excited about in GT7, from returning features to new twists on old ideas, but the overarching theme seems to be that Yamauchi wants you to care about cars as much as he does: ‘I really think it’s important to really convey this culture and history to the next generation of people. I almost feel a responsibility to do that.'”

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