Sony suspends orders of its new ZV-E10 mirrorless vlogger camera due to chip shortage

Sony suspends orders of its new ZV-E10 mirrorless vlogger camera due to chip shortage

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In context: The chip shortage is having a devastating impact on more than just the graphics card industry. Everything from vehicles to smartphones is also being hit, as are cameras. Sony has suspended orders for several products from its line, including the new ZV-E10 mirrorless vlogging camera.

Sony’s ZV-E10 was announced in July and released in August, but the company has already temporarily suspended orders of the device through its store and distributors. The reason for the suspension should come as little surprise.

“With regard to digital imaging products, parts procurement is delayed due to the effects of global semiconductor shortages,” Sony writes in a translated message on its website. Some locations, including the UK, are still selling the ZV-E10 through retailers and Sony directly, but it is out of stock or on backorder in many other regions.

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The Verge notes that this is just the latest device from Sony to be impacted by the chip crisis. It stopped selling the A7 II, A6400, and A1600 series cameras last month, as well as the ECM-B1M shotgun mic and PXW-Z190 camcorder. It also appears to have discontinued the original Sony Alpha 9. And that’s not mentioning the PS5’s availability issues.

Fujifilm, Nikon, and Canon are all experiencing similar problems. In the latter’s case, its new Canon EOS R3 now has shipping delays of up to half a year, so be prepared to wait until the middle of 2022 if you order one.

As for when the chip shortage will start improving, that’s a difficult question to answer. Nvidia this week said it expects things to get better in the second half of next year, though plenty of others, including Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, say 2023 is more realistic. Either way, it’s not disappearing anytime soon.

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