Sound Engineer Tech Job Description

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Sound Engineer Technicians are responsible for the sounds produced and heard in a broadcast or live production, movies, videos or theater. They use recording equipment and machines to record sound, voices or music, synchronizing and mixing them for reproduction later. Using control consoles, they work with pre-recorded sound effects, dialogue, and music with the action on the screen, synchronizing and equalizing them together. They maintain a log of recordings they made. They are responsible for creating digital interface programs for musical instruments to be applied to commercial ads, music projects or post production on films. Sound engineer technicians are in charge of reporting sound equipment problems and make sure that they are repaired on time for next performance. They coordinate and meet with performers, producers and other production personnel to determine which particular sound or sound effect is appropriate or desired by the art director for a production.

Sound engineer technicians use sound editing equipment for reproducing and duplicating sound recordings from previously recorded original media. They are in charge of preparing for recording sessions, selecting and setting up microphones and other equipment essential for making good recording. In the mixing or post production phase, they separate and combine sounds as needed, such as vocals, instruments and other recorded sounds. They typically work indoors, in sound recording studios but some who work in broadcast news and other on location programs may have to work outdoors, through all types of weather conditions. Those who do maintenance work may need to climb antenna towers or climb poles to reach the equipment that need repairs. Sound engineer technicians who have found work in movies may have to work long hours because of deadlines imposed on their contracts.



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