Spice Girls super fan Emma Stone meets Baby Spice Emma Bunton


This is what happens when two become one.
Emma Stone, noted celebrity Spice Girls super fan, met one of her music idols in person, Emma Bunton. “Baby Spice” shared a photo of the meeting on social media ahead of the Spice Girls reunion tour‘s next concert stop at Wembley Stadium.
“When Emma met Emma. #2become1,” Bunton wrote.
Stone made her fandom known in 2014 when she teared up listening to a recording Mel B made for her. Her whole life up to that point has been leading her to meeting the Spice family.

“Growing up I was super blonde,” the Oscar winner told Jimmy Fallon last year. “My real name is Emily, but I wanted to be called Emma because of Baby Spice and guess what? Now I am. That’s, like, pretty messed up.”
Stone then teamed up with HAIM for an Omaze charity campaign to let a lucky fan to join them at a Spice Girls concert in London, minus Victoria Beckham, of course. And, now, here she is in London.

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