Steal Your Man Back From the Woman Who Stole Him From You

So your man has left you for another woman. You’re beyond ticked and you spend your days thinking up new nicknames for her and wish your ex nothing but the most horrendous of diseases and pain. But somewhere in the bottom of your heart… during those moments when you are alone with your thoughts in your loneliness you cry because you miss him so much.

Do you want to get your man back? Do you want to win him back from that lecherous witch that stole your man? The truth is that it really isn’t all that difficult and if you really do love him and you really do want him back you can make him yours again.

Chances are he left you for her because of one of two things. Either he wasn’t getting something from your relationship that he needed (sorry, I know that’s harsh) or he was seduced away by the excitement of something new. If it was because he was missing something in your relationship such as fun or understanding or intimacy, you should promise yourself that you will remedy this situation once he comes back to you.

Most likely though, your man was seduced away by the newness and excitement of being with another woman. Men can be easily distracted by new sparkly things which is why most men have to have the latest and greatest cell phone or gadget that all their buddies have. This fact will make it much easier for you to get him back and steal him away from the other woman.

Get Super Hot – First thing you should do is to do your best to make some changes to your appearance to make yourself look just a little bit different. Exercise a little bit to tone up. Go on a little shopping spree to buy a few new outfits… the sexier the better. Maybe change your hairstyle a little bit or even dye your hair. Ask some of your girlfriends to help make you the hottest thing that he’s ever seen and prepare to do battle.

Old Married Couple – Most guys think that they want the other woman but typically what happens is that once they leave and spend some time with the witch they find out that she’s not as great as he thought she was. Soon they become like an old married couple and the excitement of being with someone new wears off very quickly. He will get to see her first thing in the morning and when she’s in a bad mood. Maybe there won’t be those exciting dinner rendezvous. They will be replaced by mac and cheese or frozen pizza nights.

Soon your man’s eye will begin to wander again and there you will be waiting to get him back. As a word of warning, make him beg before you take him back. The secret to getting him back for good is in how you reel him in. If you just let him come back it will be easy for him to change his mind again and go back to the witch. Make him fight too hard for you and he might give up.



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