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What’s New:

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.


  • Fixed temporary UI hang when a game quits in some circumstances
  • Fixed crash writing to closed files
  • Fixed duplicate events appearing in the app detail activity feed

Steam Input

  • Added support for the Share button on the PowerA Fusion Pro 2 and the PDP Xbox Series X Afterglow controllers when Xbox Extended Feature Support is enabled.
  • Added support for the Amazon Luna Controller
  • Added support for the Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition controller
  • Added experimental support for the Amazon Luna Controller connected via Bluetooth


  • Improved performance when there are many P2P connections
  • Fixed bug causing NAT traversal to not work for 64-bit applications on Linux
  • Reduced route flapping and excessive sending of rendezvous messages for P2P connections
  • Improved performance of P2P connections


  • Fixed Screenshots dialog not showing that a screenshot has been successfully uploaded

Steam Cloud

  • Fixed persistent SteamVR file conflict
  • Increased log detail regarding Steam Cloud file conflicts

Remote Play

  • Added an option to change the overlay hotkey (by default ESC)
  • Fixed host crash when ICE negotiation is not enabled or fails
  • Fixed video resolution streaming to iPad Pro


  • Fixed crashes when on a WPA3 wireless network
  • Fixed crash during startup while performing auto-login on some systems (steam-for-linux#7813)
  • Initial fixes for excess memory usage downloading shader depots
  • Updated scout LD_* runtime to 0.20210630.0
  • Updated libXi to be compatible with newer SDL and Steam (steam-for-linux#7874[])
  • Improved Nvidia Vulkan ray-tracing support (make sure /dev/nvidia-uvm is created)
  • Updated the client_beta branch of soldier container runtime (supporting Proton) to 0.20210629.0
  • Soldier client_beta branch has several security related library updates
  • Soldier client_beta branch has improvements to Nvidia Vulkan ray-tracing support
  • Added mapping for the PS5 DualSense controller


  • Fixed games not running until after file integrity is verified
  • Fixed default shortcut creation for certain games

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