Superman Is NOT In The “Shazam” Sequel

Superman Is NOT In The “Shazam” Sequel

by Sue Jones
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Henry Cavill Talks Those Superman Rumors

Henry Cavill will not appear as Superman in the upcoming sequel “Shazam! Fury of the Gods” reports Variety.

The trade shot down several online reports suggesting Cavill would appear in the follow-up to “Shazam,” their sources saying they have direct knowledge of the production and Cavill’s schedule.

Director David F. Sandberg also addressed the recent rumors on Twitter, bringing up that Cavill was supposed to appear as Superman in the 2019 film (they eventually just got a stunt performer and shot him from the neck down for a tiny cameo).

Sandberg says on Twitter: “Not going to comment on casting rumors for several reasons. One being you can’t be sure about anything until it’s happened. Halfway through shooting Shazam the plan was still for Cavill to be in it. Scoopers could have scooped that and been right at the time but wrong in the end.”

Cavill may return as Superman at some point, the trade confirming in May saying Cavill was set to play a cameo as Superman in an upcoming DC Films project (one that was not “Justice League” reshoots). In addition, Cavill has indicated he hasn’t given up the part yet.

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