Surf, Sand, and Smarts: How to Make Sure Your Siargao Trip Doesn’t Break the Bank


The island of Siargao in the Philippines was recently named “Best Island in the World” by Conde Nast Traveler. With such an accolade, it wouldn’t be surprising if you’d want to see it yourself. So before you pack your bags and hop on a plane, you’d best make sure you’ve got everything planned out. That said, how can you make sure your trip to Siargao is affordable?

Choose the Best Travel Method

Siargao is an island so you will have to work out which travel method is best for you and your budget. The two options are traveling by air or by water. If you’re coming from a different continent altogether, flying is more convenient. It can also be a potentially thrifty travel option. You can save money if you utilize any credit card rewards or free miles you’ve accrued. If you haven’t accrued any, this trip is a good opportunity to earn miles for future trips. Get enough  Book a flight to the capital city of Manila, then book with of the two airline options that fly to Siargao island directly. 

Have a Travel Itinerary

85% of leisure travelers only pick activities after they’ve arrived at their destination, according to a joint study by Google and Ipsos. When time is money, not having a plan is a waste of both. You can avoid wasting both your time and money by putting together a travel itinerary for your trip. For example, you can dedicate the first day to settling into your accommodations and resting up. The next day can be the place where you allot different times to visit different spots like Mangpupungko Rock Pool, Sugba Lagoon, and Tayagban Cave Pools. Make sure that you allot some free time in your itinerary so you’ll have space for flexibility.

Tap Into Affordable Lodges

For international trips, the cost of your accommodation takes an average of 21% of your total budget, according to ValuePenguin. Thankfully, Siargao is rife with affordable lodges! Places like Tarzan’s Beach Resort offers private cottages for $20 a night. If you like more upscale lodges but want affordable prices, Romantic Beach Villas is posh and offers twin private rooms for $59. They are both near public markets and all-night dining spots. So you can spend more time (and money) toward getting to know the culture of Siargao island.

Siargao is one of those places that deserve due consideration prior to visiting. Taking time to plan out and research your trip gives you the opportunity to make sure everything is as ideal as possible. That way, your trip to Siargao is wholly enriching—not something that will end up giving you financial grief.

By Cindy Cummings

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