Sutter Preps Netflix Western Series “Abandons”

Sutter Preps Netflix Western Series “Abandons”

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Sutter Preps Netflix Western Series Abandons

“Sons of Anarchy” creator Kurt Sutter has set a deal with Netflix to create the hourlong western series “The Abandons”.

Sutter says he has been wanting to do a western for years and even tried to get a certain western IP to marry to an original series, but that didn’t happen.

Later he hatched the idea for this series while one of his favorite executives at FX moved to Netflix which has apparently been seeking a western series. Sutter did a pitch that became the fastest he ever set up a series.

The show will deal with the origins of La Cosa Nostra (the Italian-American Mafia) and is set around 1850 in a post-Gold Rush, pre-Civil War time around a small cattle town where a natural resource is discovered.

While most ranchers in the area sell out or are forced out, one group of Sicilian peasant families won’t sell and band together to defend themselves from abusive land barons.

Choices are made and lines are drawn first in the sand, and then in blood as they become outlaws in a time well before all the outlaws we know like Jesse James and Billy the Kid. Should it go multiple seasons, the ‘Abandons’ would go on the run and thus the show can shift locations.

Sutter has recently been prepping his feature directorial debut on the period tale “This Beast” in which a trapper battles with an elusive beast that is ravaging an 18th century English village.

Source: Deadline

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