Taking Notes – Important Part of Learning Effectively

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Taking notes will help you understand better. It is something that will not only boost your confidence in the subject, but also helps you in revision later. It is a skill which every student needs to develop to succeed in their tests and exams.

I am going to share a few tips which can help you improve your note-taking activity.

1. Write down key points: make a note of the key points. Dates, places, name of person, all need to made a note of. This will later help you in revision. Identifying which information is important is the key to a good note. Listen carefully and you will be able to find out the key points of the lecture.
2. Do not over do it: when we say, taking notes is good for later revision, it does not mean that you will need to note down each and every point your teacher mentions. Selecting information which is important is necessary.
3. Clarify: if at any point of the lecture, you are confused or did not understand, please ask your teacher for clarification.
4. Compare: keep notes handy while revising at the end of the day. Compare the notes with your friend to check if you have all the important points. Your friend may have other points included in their notes, which you may have missed out on.
5. Copy: make a clear copy of the notes once you are back home. I understand it is going to be a double work, but when you re-write it, you will be able to put the points in an order and also, this gives you a chance to add any information which you may have missed out on.
6. Organize: keep notes relating to a particular subject together. Also, this will help you in identifying the notes when you need them. File each note in their respective places (ie subjects).

A good note-taking requires extra time and organization. If you devote time to re-write the notes taken in class, this will reduce your anxiety before exams, as you will be able to revise easily.


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