Teaching Jobs Around the World


Teaching jobs are available in many different countries in the world. These teaching jobs are generally ESL or English as a Second Language classes. It may surprise you to know that English is becoming more widely spoken and there are many students all over the world want to learn it better, or even just learn the rudimentary elements of it. So the best people to hire to teach these classes are people who are native English speakers or people who can demonstrate they have proficiency in speaking and writing the English language.

Who can apply for these teaching jobs? Anyone who has a desire to teach English may apply for these jobs. One of the basic requirements is that the applicants have a college degree, preferably a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree. They may or may not have a teaching certificate from a state. They may have a degree in education but they did not choose to teach so they will not have a teaching certificate to teach in any state’s schools.

They may be required to obtain an ESL Certificate or a TEFL Certificate. If this is the case, they should look carefully at the certificate programs available online or at nearby universities or colleges or even a trade school. There is a lot of interest in these programs right now and so there are many different schools offering these certificate classes. Look at what is available and take into consideration the reputation of the accrediting university or college. You might also ask to speak with some of the teachers of the classes or even some of the current and past students. Then choose carefully as you do not want to waste time and money on a certificate program that will not be accepted where you want to teach.

There are a lot of ESL listings looking for English as second language teachers. Before you make any firm decision that you want to teach English as a second language, you will need to decide if you really want to live in another country. This will vary from person to person. There are many aspects and considerations that come into making this decision, one of which may be family considerations.

Another requirement to be considered before you make this sort of decision is whether you have a criminal record and can withstand a background check. Some countries will not issue a work permit or work visa if the applicant has a criminal record. Again the prospective applicant will have to investigate what the requirements are to obtain the work visa in the country where they want to teach.

This is a serious decision to make. Not everyone can just go live in another country. Many people can but it is not for everyone. Thus, obtaining a teaching job somewhere else in the world may lead to a very productive career. It could also be the career change for many people who have lost their job. Just consider all aspects before you decide.



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