Tech News Capture better video on your smartphone with this sub $100 gimbal

Tech News Capture better video on your smartphone with this sub $100 gimbal

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Tech News
If you’re thinking about trying to improve your video shooting skills, but you aren’t ready to invest in stepping up to an expensive DSLR camera, then a gimbal might be right up your alley.
With a gimbal like the Freevision Vilta-SE 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer, you’ll be surprised at how one relatively low-priced accessory can make so much of a difference in your video quality.

For under $100 ($89.10, to be exact) with promo code: DAD10, this TNW Deal is a low cost, yet hyper effective way to see immediate results in your videos.

Gimbals primarily help eliminate the jitters and jerkiness when you shoot handheld phone video. With the Vilta, your footage benefits from its core stability algorithm technology, resulting in shots with all the sweep and fluidity of a Hollywood production.
While the stabilization alone makes the Vilta worth the investment, the unit is also packed with several added features to improve and simplify your shooting. The zoom-focus wheel allows you to easily adjust focus, tighten up or widen out with a quick dial.
A button press switches between landscape and portrait modes effortlessly, while the accompanying Vilta app expands your video palette to include slow motion, time lapse, panoramic and POV modes. It’s also super compact, which makes it a perfect travel accessory.
You can try out the Vilta SE now for just $89.10 — or step up to Freevision’s larger gimbal, the Vilta M and save $20 at only $116.10 with promo code: DAD10.
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