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When it launched at the end of 2017, VisaDB provided travelers a much-needed service by letting them know which countries they could visit without a visa. It’s now evolved by leaps and bounds, and is a far more useful resource for folks looking to visit, work, or move abroad.
The site lets you look up some 18 kinds of visas worldwide, including travel visas for 200 countries, as well as residency and immigration visas in 130 countries. All you need to do is enter your country of origin, and search for your preferred destination. It’s incredibly useful for determining which places are easy to visit on your next holiday, or which nations are your best bets for immigrating in search of a better life.

For example, if you look up info about a tourist visa to visit India from the Netherlands, VisaDB will tell you that it’s available with a validity of 60 days, and that you’ll need to furnish documents including your flight tickets.
VisaDB surfaces plenty of information about your chosen destination, and it’s mostly on point as far as I can tellThere’s also a link to the Indian government website where you can apply online, as well as contact details for the Indian Embassy in the Netherlands, and handy pointers about the cost of living, electric plugs, and the kind of weather to expect when you go there.
That’s a major upgrade from the first iteration of the site. Some search results are more detailed than others, like this one that lists the requirements for a work visa in Australia for citizens of Mexico – there’s a list of criteria for eligibility, options to seek help in applying for this visa, and even a list of countries where expats most commonly come from.
VisaDB provides all kinds of useful information for different kinds of visas worldwideAnd if you’re curious about how useful your country’s passport is, you can check out its ranking on a global leaderboard, scored on the basis of how many other nations allow you entry without a visa.
VisaDB says its team “closely monitors more than 700 government websites, including ministries of foreign affairs, tourism boards, and ministries of Internal affairs for visa entry requirements, and health requirements.” That said, the accuracy of the information you find on the site can’t be guaranteed, and you should definitely check with your destination country’s authorities to be sure of their documentation requirements before you begin planning a trip.
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