Techniques For Getting Kids to Eat Healthy Foods

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As kids, most of us hated when our parents made us eat all of our vegetables. It was like a chore and for some of us that feeling never fades. That is one of many things that contributes to poor eating habits that many adults form.

Lots of parents have a “do as I say, not as I do” attitude about food. They eat cookies and candy and try to get their kids to eat fruits and vegetables. Well, the first step to getting kids to eat healthier is to make it a family activity. Kids are smarter than most people give them credit for and they certainly know when a house rule is only being applied to them.

Once the whole family is on the same page, involve the kids in snack and meal planning. Figure out what their favorite healthy foods are and try to use them as often as possible, while incorporating occasional new things for them to try. Soon, you might see their healthy food horizons start to expand.

Another thing about kids is that all kids like to have fun. You can appeal to that sense in them, especially young kids, by making meals interesting. For example, get different shaped cookie cutters and cut things like sandwiches in fun shapes. Another option is to use healthy foods to decorate your child’s plate in such a way that it makes a picture, like a smiley face.

Finally, remember to listen to your kids. There are many healthy foods out there. So, if your child doesn’t like one of them, for example broccoli, rather than force the issue, find an alternative. Have them try green beans or cauliflower or some other great vegetable, instead. That way, you’ll be working with them, not against them, on the road to healthier living.


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