Tesla wants Canadians to support Electric Mobility Canada’s 2030 EV Action Plan


Tesla’s Engage page currently features an article asking Canadians to support Electric Mobility Canada’s (EMC) 2030 EV Action Plan with details on how exactly they can do so, as first reported on by TeslaNorth.

The 2030 EV Action Plan aims to implement a 100 percent electric passenger vehicle sales goal by 2030, securing Canada’s global EV manufacturing leadership, along with reducing our carbon footprint.

The ‘engage’ page is asking Canadians to do the following three things:

  1. Contact Canadian Members of Parliament and let them know that you support the plan.
  2. Read up about the plan and what it entails on its official website, and consider joining its mailing list to stay informed and receive future updates.
  3. Tweet about the plan using the hashtag #2030EVActionPlan, and let people know why you support it.

The only reason Tesla has the article up on its website is because it supports EMC’s plan and the broader vision of transitioning to a carbon-conscious and sustainable EV-dominated world. If the plan is adopted by the government, these are some of the changes we would see:

  • Over one-million condominium and apartment building parking lots would be equipped with charging stalls.
  • Extra support would be provided for low- and modest-income households to go electric, including through a used EV program.
  • 100 percent of passenger vehicles sales by 2030 would be electric.
  • 100 percent of medium and heavy-duty truck sales would be electric by 2040, at the latest.
  • Tailpipe emissions standards for non-electric vehicles to be enhanced through 2030.

The article concludes by saying “We need your help in getting this plan adopted by government. Make your voice heard today, and let your Member of Parliament know what this would mean to you.”

Learn more about EMC’s 2030 EV Action Plan here and check out Tesla’s Engage page here.

Image credit: Tesla

Source: Tesla Via: TeslaNorth

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