Tesla’s Model 3 is the first EV to top the European monthly sales charts


In brief: Tesla’s Model 3 has become the first EV to be a monthly top seller in Europe and the first non-European-built car to reach the milestone, beating cars such as the Renault Clio, Volkswagen Golf and Dacia Sandero. That’s not surprising considering the fossil fuels market in Europe, as prices are hitting record highs.

Tesla Model 3 was released five years ago, and since then, it has received a restyle to increase driving range and add a few more features to the fastback sedan. The latest version of the EV also came with a refreshed interior, an electric trunk and many other functional and aesthetic changes.

Such upgrades might’ve helped Tesla reach the top of Europe-26 best-selling cars. In September 2021, Europeans bought 24,591 Model 3s, representing a 58 percent increase over September 2020 and a 42 percent increase over September 2019. This figure might have been influenced by Hertz’s recent deal, which includes 100,000 new Tesla Model 3s in the US and selected European cities.

In second place, there’s Renault, which sold 18,264 Clios in September of this year, and in third place, we find Dacia with 17,988 Sanderos sold during the same period.

Tesla sales leadership in the BEV (battery electric vehicle) market is further increased with the Model Y, which sold about 8,926 units during this period. In third place, there’s the VW ID.3 with 8,302 units.

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