The 10 Best Coffee Subscriptions to Try Out This Year

The 10 Best Coffee Subscriptions to Try Out This Year

by Sue Jones
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If you’ve never experienced the pleasure of a coffee subscription service, let’s talk. That’s right: There are companies that mail you fresh coffee, and the best coffee subscriptions let you tailor your specific caffeine needs—a huge quality-of-life upgrade. You’ll never run out of coffee and have to run to the grocery store again. And if you’re in the market for a gift for a coffee lover in your life (say, for Valentine’s Day), an expert-curated coffee subscription service is a great gift that will surprise and delight—and so much more exciting than a “But first, coffee” mug.

Of course, in the world of subscription gifts there are a ton of options, and finding the best one for you may be daunting. Nicely, most companies have quizzes that take you through a series of decisions to help you select your subscription, with questions regarding the type of grind you prefer (whole-bean or ground coffee, typically), roast preference (light to dark), how much coffee you’d like to receive (a standard 12-oz. bag, a half-bag, a sampler for coffee tasting, etc.), and how frequently (usually weekly, biweekly, or monthly, depending). 

For the picky people, some companies let you to get even more particular with your desires, allowing you to opt for high-quality single-origin coffees, espresso beans, cold brew, decaf beans, or anything your coffee maker can handle. Whether you’re a coffee snob who expects speciality small-batch whole beans with tasting notes and on-call experts, a coffee explorer hoping to try interesting, new craft coffee sourced from countries like Ethiopia, Colombia, and Vietnam, or just someone who doesn’t feel fully human without a cup of joe, there’s a coffee subscription service for you.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best coffee subscription options out there and broken down what each service offers, its cost, and availability. You’ll find popular services including Trade Coffee, Atlas Coffee Club, Bean Box, MistoBox, Driftaway Coffee, and Blue Bottle Coffee. Cheers!

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