The Bachelor’s Clayton Chooses Between Shanae and Elizabeth Amid Feud

The Bachelor’s Clayton Chooses Between Shanae and Elizabeth Amid Feud

by Sue Jones
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Bachelor Recap

Bachelor’s Clayton, Shanae and Elizabeth.
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Well, that wasn’t the answer! Clayton Echard addressed the drama between Shanae and Elizabeth during the Monday, January 31, episode of The Bachelor, but his decision to send one of the women home did not solve the problems in the house.

Clayton initially tried to moderate a conversation between Shanae and Elizabeth in an effort to squash the beef. However, Shanae once again accused Elizabeth of bullying, pointing to Elizabeth allegedly ignoring her when Shanae offered her shrimp. Elizabeth claimed she was not even present when Shanae made shrimp for the group, leading Shanae to call her fellow contestant a liar. Clayton eventually walked away from the argument because he felt like they were not making any progress.

Clayton subsequently canceled the cocktail party. At the rose ceremony, the Bachelor kept Shanae and eliminated Elizabeth, along with Kira and Melina. Shanae celebrated Elizabeth’s exit, later telling the ladies that she felt like she could be in the house without having to be scared anymore.

Bachelor Recap

Clayton Echard.
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The group then traveled to Houston, hoping for a fresh start. Rachel landed a one-on-one date, during which she and Clayton went horseback riding and attended a BBQ. The two discussed how quickly their connection was developing, and he promised to support the flight instructor’s career after she revealed that her ex did not. Clayton ultimately gave Rachel a rose.

Ahead of the group date, Shanae overheard Sierra, Genevieve and Gabby devising a plan to warn Clayton about Shanae during the outing. The women on the date were split into two teams to play football, with the losers — including Shanae — not getting to attend the afterparty. Sierra and Genevieve, for their part, used their time with Clayton during the afterparty to share their concerns about Shanae. He was shocked because he thought the ordeal was over, but the Bachelor noticed that Shanae always seemed to be at the center of the drama.

Shanae later crashed the afterparty in hopes of defending herself. She informed Clayton that she overheard Gabby, Genevieve and Sierra plotting to get her sent home, and he reacted with confusion over the entire situation. However, Clayton remarked that he was happy to see Shanae, and they ended up making out on the bar. Shanae then yelled at Genevieve and Sierra to keep her name out of their mouths and threw the winning team’s trophy.

The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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