The Benefits of Intelligence


Having intellectual prowess is a value that is often disregarded amongst people, but as I’ll set to set straight, is a much valuable asset to own.

I’ve never considered myself to have genius level intelligence, but I have a thirst for knowledge and excellent retention and as such I can speak for the values of curiosity and research.

Smarter = Happier

It’s been proven in well documented research that increased intelligence equates often to higher levels of happiness and satisfaction and lower levels of stress and depression.

It stands to reason that to seek intellectual pursuits and to maintain or increase your intelligence might have a beneficial affect of your levels of happiness.

Useful Skills Pay The Bills

Sometimes the very things you learn that seem to be hobbies at the time can turn into profitable investments in time, as you find that your skills in these areas may have a monetary value. So many people are turning their passions into profit, especially with the advent of the internet age and the new global world.

Information To go

It’s always nice to have the information you need, not just at your fingertips, but already imbeded in your head from the get-go. Retained knowledge helps and to have it is usually always better than not to have it. Having increased intelligence opens doors to entertainment, education and social aptitude.

Conversations are always easier when you actually have something to talk about and those with more knowledge have more to say (usually in a good way).

In Conclusion

By having an intellectual outlook and gearing our lives towards an intellectual pursuit we can gain extra benefits and even make more money and have increased satisfaction in life.

Not a bad outcome!

If you have no cerebral aspirations, that’s okay to, but please do look at the benefits of having intelligence, before you snub it as being a superfluous requirement .

Source by A. J James


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