The Best Wall Hangings Or Wall Sculptures

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Best wall hangings or wall sculptures are tapestries, paintings, candle sconce and metal wall art.

Wall hangings or wall sculptures are great ideas to beautify a simple home instantly. What’s great about them is that they can be placed in any part of the house, it may be on the porch, kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, or even at the backyard or garden. Wall hangings or wall sculptures also don’t have to be too expensive. There are lots of wall decors that are just okay with the budget but are worth more than the price.

Most homeowners don’t want to settle only to ‘good’ wall decors but they prefer the best for their homes. If you’re one of them, below are excellent wall hangings or wall sculptures that would be perfect to decorate your home:


A tapestry is one of the oldest and very sophisticated wall décor or hangings of all time. Tapestries are a form of textile art in which pictures are made after it is being weaved in a loom. They have been popular for hundreds of years. The use of tapestries as a wall decoration had been dated way back since the Hellenistic times. Tapestries are found in many castle or palaces in Europe. Kings and noblemen hang tapestries on their walls to signify authority. Tapestries are also being displayed in churches during special occasion. Tapestries are considered to be very versatile in home designs or decorations by many decorators, simply because tapestries can be rolled over and can be transferred to any room in the house. Its details and weaving patterns also adds color and texture to a room. Tapestries are also very sophisticated and elegant.


Paintings are probably the most common as well as one of the oldest forms of wall hangings or décor. It may be an oil painting, acrylic or watercolor-framed masterpiece, hanging a painting on your wall is a fancy way to brighten up a room. Like tapestries, they can also be moved from one wall to the other.

Candle sconce

Candle sconce is often seen at monasteries, churches or old castles. Today, it is excellent as wall hangings too. It comes in different designs with a special candleholder on it. It doesn’t only decorate your room, but the addition of candles in the air makes the room more inviting.

Metal wall art

Metal wall art is a modern wall hanging or wall decor. Mostly made of wrought iron, it greatly add some uniqueness and modern touch to any home. It is loved by many homeowners because it is elegant and sophisticated.

A home without any wall hangings would be so dull and lifeless. However, with wall hangings or wall sculptures, it becomes vibrant and interesting.



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