“The Boys” Spin-Off Loses Two Leads

“The Boys” Spin-Off Loses Two Leads

by Sue Jones
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The Boys Spin Off Loses Two Leads

Aimee Carrero and Shane Paul McGhie have exited the lead roles in Amazon Prime’s college-set spinoff of its dark comedy superhero series “The Boys”.

The series is set at America’s only college exclusively for young-adult superheroes and has been in the works at the streamer for about year and a half.

Casting took place last spring when Craig Rosenberg penned the script. A few months later, Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters coming on board as showrunners and have retooled the series which will now head in a new creative direction.

Combined with delays, character reimaginings and other factors, those two actors opted to exit though McGhie could play another character in the franchise at a later date.

Carrero has switched to another Amazon dark comedy series “The Consultant” starring Christoph Waltz and Nat Wolff.

Source: Deadline

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