“The Flight Attendant” S2 Teaser, Date Set


The Flight Attendant S2 Teaser Date Set

HBO Max has set an April 21st launch date for the second season of its spy thriller-dramedy “The Flight Attendant” with Kaley Cuoco returning as Cassie Bowden.

The first season saw Cuoco’s alcoholic stewardess waking up to a dead body (Michel Huisman) in her hotel room in Thailand. As she attempts to figure out what happened, she becomes caught up in events akin to a spy novel as well as having to deal with her own psychological trauma.

In the new run, she’s sober and now living in California, dating a new guy (Santiago Cabrera) and thinks she’s a whole new person on the road to recovery. She’s also now a CIA asset, assigned a new handler (Mo McRae) who constantly has to remind her she’s an asset – not an agent.

She soon gets caught up in more international intrigue after witnessing a murder, and as usual her decision-making process remains somewhat dubious. Sharon Stone joins the cast in a recurring role as her mother, whilst T.R. Knight’s role as her brother is expanded.

“The Flight Attendant” will debut with two episodes on April 21st followed by one episode weekly until its May 26th finale.

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