The Many Benefits of Hand Yoga



Heidi worked in an office that was mainly ladies, in her department at least. The ladies talk about their exercises and what they do, and one day a few of the ladies were talking about hand yoga. Heidi had never heard about this before and was curious as to what it was and what it could do for her. She asked a few of the ladies and they told her a little about it.

She did some research on it and found that it began many years ago and was a part of Buddhist meditation. It is now seen all over the world and many people are getting many benefits from it. She began to check out classes and was new to it all, so did not really understand what she could do for her.

So what types of hand yoga moves can benefit you?

• Shoonya Mudra
• Mukula Mudra
• Gyaan Mudra
• Apaan Mudra

There are many benefits of yoga, and hand yoga in particular, can give many benefits to various parts of your body and inner being. Your fingertips contain nerve endings that trigger certain parts of the body. Each time one of these nerve endings id triggered, the body will experience healing benefits.

The Apaan Mudra move is simple enough to do. All you do is join your thumb to your middle and ring fingertips. This move has been shown to help with urination problems and is supposed to also help with constipation. All of your other fingers need to remain straight.

The Mukula Mudra move is designed to help channel energy to your body. To do this move, simply place your elbows to your ribs, keep your palms face up and keep your fingers joined together. Make sure your forearms are kept parallel to the ground.

The Gyaan Mudra move helps bring inner peace and harmony to you. All you do is make an "O" shape with your thumb and your index finger. Doing this while meditating is great and can give you better benefits. Your memory can also be sharpened as well as an increase in memory skills.

The Prana Mudra hand yoga move can be beneficial as it boosts vision as well as life force. Simply Join the pinky finger with the ring finger and thumb.

The Shoonya Mudra move can improve your patience level and can help with ear problems. Simply curly your middle finger to the base of your thumb, and place the middle finger over top the thumb.

These are just a few of the many moves and you can check out a variety of books, videos and even internet websites for more tips and moves to try.



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