The McLaren 570S Returns To Rocket League With A Fresh Coat Of Paint On May 27


A fan-favorite DLC car is returning to Rocket League for the first time since the game went free-to-play. The McLaren 570S will be available once again for purchase in the game on May 27, this time with a sweet-silver paint job, developer Psyonix has announced.

Players who missed the McLaren 570S will be able to get the new McLaren 570S pack, which comes with items from the original pack, including the base orange McLaren, plus all the new goodies. Players who already purchased the original pack can buy a cheaper version of the new pack, complete with all the new goodies.

The new pack comes with the car (which uses the Dominus hitbox,) unique engine audio, and more. Here is everything included in the two McLaren 570S Packs:

  • McLaren 570S Pack — 2000 Credits
    • McLaren 570S (Dominus Hitbox)
    • Unique Engine Audio
    • McLaren 570S Decal (Silver Painted)
    • McLaren 570S Wheel
    • McLaren 570S Wheel (Silver Painted)
    • McLaren I Player Banner
    • McLaren II Player Banner
    • McLaren III Player Banner
  • McLaren 570S Upgrade Pack — 900 Credits
    • McLaren 570S Decal (Silver Painted)
    • McLaren 570S Wheel (Silver Painted)
    • McLaren III Player Banner

In addition to the pack, every player can get a free McLaren-themed Avatar Border from the store. The Avatar Border and the McLaren Pack are available until June 2. Rocket League has featured a number of limited-time packs that include battle cars inspired by real cars, with both the Lamborghini pack and the F1 pack.

Rocket League is free-to-play on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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