The Official SELF Spring Reset Challenge Workout Calendar

The Official SELF Spring Reset Challenge Workout Calendar

by Sue Jones
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Welcome to the SELF Spring Reset Challenge! This challenge contains four weeks of workouts that will help you grow your physical strength, mental endurance, and leave you feeling accomplished.

Below, you’ll find the workout calendar with our four-week schedule. Here, you can download a printable version of the challenge calendar, complete with the workouts we’ll be doing each day, designated rest days, and even a column to remind you to take note of a daily moment of gratitude. We recommend saving it to your phone or printing it out and sticking it on your fridge—just put it somewhere you’ll see it often.

Quick reminder: Each week you’ll have five active days, and two rest (or active rest) days. On active days, you can follow the linked workouts. On rest days, stretch it out, do some yoga, or take a walk. Above all, remember: This challenge is all about you! You can adjust this schedule and workout calendar to do what feels best.

Keep scrolling to see the calendar. Below the calendar are links to every workout, too—bookmark this page if you want to refer back to it throughout the Spring Reset Challenge for easy access. And if you haven’t already, sign up here in order to receive an email each morning with the workout for the day.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

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