The Origins of Online Video Spokesperson Technology

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Have you ever visited a site that seems ordinary enough until suddenly in comes this person, seemingly out of nowhere, who starts to talk directly to you? He/She doesn’t seem to be part of the site because he’s/she’s in front of the site. It’s an extremely novel experience and a lot of web owners are buying into it. The person you see above the website is called an Online Video Spokesperson and it’s the latest marketing tool in web technology.

Rovion Inc. with offices in Owings Mills, MD is the leading creator of online spokespersons. With the aid of Rovion’s proprietary BlueStream Technology, website owners can digitize a spokesperson or announcer and literally bring him into the same room as their target audience. The spokesperson’s main function is to help or aid users by directing their attention to special offers, features of the site, announcements, etc. This method of marketing encourages user participation, retention and increased spending. Much like a telemarketer who tells you all about their products and special offers over the phone, only better because you can not only HEAR the spokesperson you can also SEE him. It is a well known rule in advertising that the more senses you stimulate the more effective you are.

Online video spokespersons bring an otherwise 2D, flat site to life. The addition of a person moving about freely across a page creates an illusion of three-dimensionality and a feeling that the spokesperson is talking directly to you. Online video spokespersons have revolutionized the process of incorporating broadcast-quality special effects into the broadband web experience, enabling websites to “come alive” with compelling video messages leading to increased response rates, recognition, retention and revenues.

The very first BlueStream trial was in the early spring of 2005 during a Mother’s Day campaign. On May 31st of the same year, a campaign was launched to promote Father’s Day. This was in partnership with the Discover Channel Store. “Its great to see the many ways that BlueStream can be used,” notes Rovion CEO Len Ostroff. “More than just an advertising and promotional tool, BlueStream technology can be used to educate and communicate in a way that can’t be expressed through text or traditional video in a box.”

This new technology when used on a site has been known to increase traffic and receives extremely positive feedback from visitors. So good, in fact, that many sellers have decided to redirect resources from television advertising budget to create partnerships with leading opinion websites that will use an online video spokesperson.

Online video spokesperson technology is the present and the future of web commerce. A virtual spokesperson is much like the game show host on day time television. He explains and breaks down information on a site into smaller manageable bites and helps users decide whether or not to proceed further into the site. The entertainment value of the virtual spokesperson cannot be overemphasized as that is its most effective feature. Online video spokespersons make surfing the web a more interesting experience.


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