The Sims Releases New Player-Designed Items To Celebrate Its 21st Anniversary


To celebrate 21 years of The Sims, players are getting gifts of 21 new items for The Sims 4, including delicious new dishes, chic new furniture items, and a whole lot of new clothing and makeup styles. All the new items were created by members of the Sims community, who submitted creations that were meaningful to them, and useful to the wider community.

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The new furniture items include a dining table and kitchen set designed to fit in with any décor style, as well as a Mid-Century inspired trio including a console with drawers, bright red wardrobe, and a funky wall mirror. New makeup has been added including a new set of natural brows, a highlighter designed to complement all skin tones, a new style of dark, matte lipstick, and even a cosmetic item that will add crow’s feet for ageing Sims.

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New outfits include a cute, knitted fox beanie, a simple pairing of jeans with a cheery yellow crop top, and even a new outfit for toddlers. Last but not least, a handful of delicious new dishes have been added including butter chicken, palak paneer with naan, and a delicious chocolate mousse because, according to creator icemunmun, “what can be a more appropriate creation than good food for something as monumental as a 21st birthday?”

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The full blog post about the new items features interviews with their creators digging into their history with The Sims, the items they made, and why they chose to submit them. The anniversary pack includes items from creators HeyHarrie, storylegacysims, peachyfaerie, peacemaker_ic, Luumia, icemunmun, grimcookies, FeralPoodles, and AHarris00Britney.

Despite being over 6 years old, The Sims 4 is still going strong with regular updates and new content packs, including a recent update that crossed over with Star Wars.


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