The Toxic Nature of Social Media



While my demeanour is not to gossip or engage in rubbishy ridicule and hate this is sadly not the case with most of the posters on social media. It would be interesting to do a study on the average intelligence of those who spend hours just responding to posts on these sites. While my interest concerns only one of them, due to advertising my articles, one can’t help but leave comments on posts of interest.

The retorts are somethings so over the top that it is a real turn off. Unless those to whom the subject matters respond in a positive way the flack from others is a race to the bottom of both manners and language.

This drives thinking people off such sites and without them the toxicity builds even further. The expressions of hate, vulgarity, and swearing increases as they appear to be egged on by those who try to leave sensible, heart-felt, comments.

To think that teenagers are spending most of their free time on such sites is more worrying because of this total lack of concern for who might be engaging in them. What are they gaining and what depth of despair can one reach by being constantly downgraded and bullied by those who have no concern or the feelings of others.

Recently a pornographic image of female genitals was displayed in a post on my time-line. It appeared to be that of a young child whose legs were pulled back in such a way that nothing was left to the imagination. Reporting it and demanding that such should be banned the support team saw nothing wrong with it and stated they allow such images.

Their response was troubling to say the least. It is, however, indicative of the mentality and purpose of many who use that site regularly. Walking along the streets are people with their smart phones tuned into social media sites. Their sole purpose is to read and post more of the same and that virtually sums up the toxic nature of social media.



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