The Ways That Man Benefits From the Environment


We consider the environment as a great factor in every aspect of our lives. When it comes to the physical realm, the environment may sometimes serve as a soothing hand when we feel that we are about to explode due to life’s pressures. It also provides the necessary things we need to survive in everyday living. It plays the role of a gentle friend whose shoulders we can always cry on when we are hurt by someone. It can be our silent friend who listens to everything we have to say. On the other hand, these are not all that nature can give us. What I have mentioned previously is not the totality of how nature helps us, human beings. There are certain things nature gives us which we can also use for our material ends. In fact, we can make a fortune out of what nature can offer.

Just thinking of the vastness of nature, you could think of more than a dozen ways of making profit from it. From wood furniture to silver ware to paper products to musical instruments, nature will have a way of helping you with whatever objectives you have. Amusement parks and zoos are always a hit for the young, the not-so-young, and the elderly. These are just some of the ways that man can make use of nature. At the same time, man can also enjoy it. Basically, all that man may need in the present and the future are found in the environment and it is his s job to discover nature’s uses. He has to practice caution, however, so he will not end up destroying it. Some businessmen became tycoons because they were able to endure the life of hard selling in the beginning. And with the help of the products they were able to derive from nature, they have emerged as victors.

Aside from the products that a businessman is selling, sensitivity to the needs of the market is also very important. Think of products you could get from the environment that are considered necessary for man to survive or enjoy life – a new instrument, a new chair, silver ware or paper or just about anything. Investing in something may take time for it to bring returns. The process may also be costly, but with nature and with one’s passion for producing quality products humanity can enjoy, there is nothing, indeed, that can be considered impossible.


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